It was right after having Ava Marie almost 5 years ago now,  that I started to realize how many products I was putting on my skin that contained harmful chemicals , and these are things I had been using for years , but after having a child I became more conscious of not only what I was putting on my daughters skin and mine as well, I would find a bunch of products that claim to be natural  but after deeper review STILL had certain preservatives or chemicals to maintain shelf life. So, I began doing natural remedies I could whip up at home.  It was in these moments that I started thinking about putting something on the market that was truly natural, because the results I was getting were amazing and to know exactly what I was putting on my skin gave me peace of mind. I started working on it and finding the perfect partner to make my skincare dreams come true and after much trial and error I came across Beauty Kitchen, the owner and Beauty DIY guru Heather Marianna was just as big on ‘Clean Beauty’ as I was,s and she helped me create Sugar ME. All of our products are not only natural and cruelty free, BUT also super high performance. I worked hard to design fun and whimsical products that smell delicious and give real results. I am beyond proud to present this line of yummy products , check us out , let me know what you think , what would you like to see from us , I am always working to bring fresh new ideas!