Hard to believe we're well into 2020! We’ve spent the first couple months of the year reflecting on all we’ve accomplished over the last 10 years –– launched a business, gave birth to and raised an amazing daughter  grown an incredible social media following, the list goes on!

Starting a New Decade Strong and Stress-Free


Now, it’s time to shift gears and turn to creating a plan for success in the next decade. We’ve got big dreams and goals for the 20s and that means we’re often working in overdrive, fitting in a photoshoot here, a workout class there, and always just one more meeting.


Between all the must-dos and new ideas, I’ve found that I need a routine that allows me to find calm in the midst of the crazy. I need a way to cut through the stress and focus on me.

Reducing Stress and Finding Relaxation With Pure Relief CBD Oil


One of my favorite stress-relieving secrets is the CBD oil from Pure Relief, one of the most respected brands in the CBD industry. It’s a must-have in my medicine cabinet and one that I buy on repeat. A few drops under my tongue each night is part of my evening routine that I can’t do without. It lets the stress melt away and lets me relax just enough to slip into bed, open a good book, and find a few minutes of relaxing me-time.


I also love the Pure Relief CBD gummies to take on the go and reach for whenever I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Take Care of Yourself


Of course, CBD is just one part of the routine that helps me reduce stress. I also make sure to build in a regular fitness routine that includes personal training sessions. Fitness allows me to channel my energy and remind myself that moving my body helps me feel balanced.

Sleep is also at the top of my stress-relieving list. I try to prioritize a good night’s sleep, even when it means getting in bed earlier so I can wake up earlier.


And, I schedule me-time  just as I would any important appointment –– I don’t want to skip out on time to focus on myself and resetting for a successful and busy week.


Remember, whether it’s through CBD, working out, or self-care, focusing on what makes you feel good is the best way to take on stress and let you be your best self heading into a new and exciting decade